About us

Cecilia Walin & Iben Kirkegaard Christensen originally met each other as co-workers in a clothing store in the streets of Copenhagen. A visit to New York inspired what originally was meant as a small side-hustle, but quickly touched a point of passion in both girls, creating what the Ciberia universe is today.

Ciberia is a manifestation of an honest and extrovert look of femininity and confidence. A challenging look who anyone can fit and feel comfortable in. Through constantly exploring new ways of styling the tight-fitting bodysuits, Ciberia offers a simple yet elegant way of doing something extra and alluring with your style.

Our Production 

Our production facility has been carefully chosen based on a personal relationship which has been established through many years of collaboration with our distributor. 

This distributor has worked with our factory for over 25 years and visited them more than 40 times. We can therefore, with full confidence, say that all working conditions are ethically correct. 

Our close relationship and daily contact with our production facility speaks to the fact that we always strive to produce in a quantity that matches our demand, whilst also being ethically conscious, thus avoiding mass production and poor working conditions by all costs!